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Midwest Collision Repair

The Midwest Collision Center has earned a reputation for excellence and trustworthiness.  Just ask the dealers who bring their brand new trucks to us to fix manufacturing and finishing problems from the factories!  We meet or exceed their standards for new-to-customer vehicles, and we put the same skill and attention to detail into every truck that comes through our doors.

When we say that we do the job “right”, we mean it.  We don’t take shortcuts or simply cover up damage.  We perform sandblasting on-site, strip paint right back to metal, replace damaged glass, and take the time to remove and replace brightwork.

Frame straightening is done on-site, and mechanical issues are easily handled by specialists in both the Midwest Truck and Trailer Centers.  Our shop is dedicated to sorting out accident damage - no matter how big or small - and making your truck and trailer look like new.  Perhaps even better than new with custom paintwork and graphics!

Just like the other divisions of Midwest, our turnaround time and quality are legendary, backed by two full shifts operating from 7:00am to 1:00am.  Combine that with fast pick-up and delivery plus vast experience dealing with insurance claims, choosing Midwest is the only logical choice.

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