Fleet Services / Data Analysis

Midwest is the ideal service partner to fleet operators for a variety of reasons:

  • All the man power and expertise to address any repairs, all in one location.
  • Single point of contact to better understand your total fleet requirements.
  • Single source invoicing for consistency and reliability.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis
    • Cost per unit
    • Cost per mile
    • Preventative Maintenance/Annual and B-Service tracking with Monthly and Annual reports.
  • Second shifts to offer flexibility for time sensitive repairs.

Fleet Management Consulting

Before you commit millions of dollars buying equipment for your fleet, get in touch with us.  Our experience and expertise can help you make – or at least feel confident about – critical decisions.  What load rating do you really need?  How many axles, what sort of braking system, what features and type of construction are going to best fit with your needs and expectations?  And could a particular option help you maximize availability and reduce long-term operating costs?  Midwest can help you select the right trucking equipment.

Owner-Operator Services

Many owner-operators are lured toward smaller shops by lower prices, without realizing that cheaper work is just cheaper work.  With Midwest, we recognize that the owner-operator is really just a small fleet... a very small fleet!  When your truck is off the road you aren’t making any money.  Not only does our renowned turnaround time get you back on the road and earning a living faster, but by performing correct preventative maintenance and completing repairs properly we should keep you operating trouble-free between service intervals.