The Midwest Advantage

Advantage #1: It’s all under one roof

Truth be told, the operations have grown and expanded into two facilities, with the Truck Center located just across the road... but you get the point. Whether you need a quick fix from one division or suffer a number of issues that have you sidelined, the expertise and manpower at Midwest will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Advantage #2:  Expertise

A jack-of-all-trades has his place, but not at Midwest. We seek expertise and specialized knowledge from our team so that we can deliver expertise and specialized knowledge to our customers. Dedicated teams ensure that the job is done right the first time, and done fast every time. The proper operation of your truck and trailer are critical – your service partner should be capable of providing a commensurate level of service.

Advantage #3: Turnaround time

Midwest has built a track record of exceptional turnaround time by leading the industry in three critical areas:

  • When your equipment first arrives it is subject to Midwest’s pre-inspection. This means that we will undertake a thorough inspection and evaluation with the driver at drop off to properly understanding the repairs needed and to establish a completion schedule based on factors including your needs, availability/ordering of parts, available staffing and so on.
  • We stock or ensure availability of an extensive parts inventory that allows us to service your truck or trailer, eliminating downtime when others would be waiting for parts to arrive.
  • A full second shift in the truck and trailer bays mean that work continues late into the evening and we can get you back on the road fast!

Advantage #4: Communication

After your equipment has been inspected and its needs evaluated, you will hear from us with detailed findings, recommendations and hassle-free quotes.  With work underway we will also keep you updated on any additional discoveries. Nobody likes surprises and we do our utmost to avoid them.

Advantage #5: Value

At Midwest, we know we have an advantage over our competition, but you will never pay a premium to receive that advantage. Our long list of satisfied customers and repeat business is all the reward we need.

We also follow industry-standard repair times for accurate and consistent billing.  We do our best to make sure your bill matches the quote, avoiding surprises along the way.

Advantage: Midwest

Combine convenience, expertise, manpower and honesty with reasonable prices and we think you’ll agree that Midwest provides a winning combination!  And did we mention that at Midwest we stand behind our work?  You can count on us.